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Das Horrorkabinett "Ghost Stories"

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Eine Sammlung von Geistergeschichten. Mit dabei: INTRODUCTION, by Shawn M. Garrett A TALE OF A GAS-LIT GHOST, by Anonymous DOG OR DEMON? by Theo Gift THE STORY OF MEDHANS LEA, by E. Heron & H. Heron HOW FEAR DEPARTED FROM THE LONG GALLERY, by E. F. Benson ON THE BRIGHTON ROAD, by Richard Middleton THE NEW PASS, by Amelia B. Edwards THE VIOLET CAR, by E. Nesbit KENTUCKY'S GHOST, by Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward THE SHIP THAT SAW A GHOST, by Frank Norris CHRISTMAS EVE ON A HAUNTED HULK, by Frank Cowper YUKI-ONNA, by Lafcadio Hearn THE ADVENTURE OF THE GERMAN STUDENT, by Washington Irving FULLCIRCLE, by John Buchan THE GHOST IN THE CAP'N BROWN HOUSE, by Harriet Beecher Stowe THE STRANGER, by Ambrose Bierce THE SOUTHWEST CHAMBER, by Mary E. Wilkins Freeman THE READJUSTMENT, by Mary Austin EVELINE'S VISITANT, by Mary Elizabeth Braddon SIR EDMUND ORME, by Henry James THE HAUNTED DRAGOON, by Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch THE PICTURE ON THE WALL, by Katharine Tynan THE BANSHEE'S WARNING, by Charlotte Riddell THE SERPENT'S HEAD, by Lady DilkeTHE DEAD MAN OF VARLEY GRANGE, by Anonymous THE SCREAMING SKULL, by F. Marion Crawford
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