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Goodnight Love

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Share love with yourself, your people, and the world (alongside fun sloths) in this big-hearted bedtime meditation for children.As the day comes to a close, Goodnight Love helps children (ages 2-5) connect to the warmth of their hearts through the power of lovingkindness. We show self-compassion by sending blessings to ourselves. We share love by sending blessings to our families and friends. And we build generosity by radiating blessings to all life. Goodnight Love brings the beautiful practice of lovingkindness into the ritual of bedtime, with lovable sloth characters that kids will love practicing beside. As the parent sloth guides baby sloth in a relaxing nighttime meditation, kids will wind down with intentionality too. The beautiful, peaceful art shows kids that everyone has a bedtime-even animals of the jungle.
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